Contact Me | Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.

h/t to Chyna Brackeen

Call your congressman!
While we were asleep, the senate dismantled ACA. Voted Down: Pre-existing conditions, young adults on parents’ plan and contraceptive coverage. Blow up the phones. If you’re not comfortable having a conversation, use this simple script:
“Good morning, My name is ________ and I am a constituent from (city/town, zip code). I care passionately about the Affordable Care Act and strongly advise Congressman Duncan to vote to continue life saving programs. If I do see him vote against the act, they will not have my vote in the next election, and my group will work very hard to see he is not re-elected. Thank you.”
Congressman John Duncan:
DC Phone: (202) 225-5435
Knoxville Phone: (865) 523-3772
Maryville Phone: (865) 984-5464
Website for sending emails:
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