Tennessee – Directory of Representatives · House.gov


What can you do about the attack on the ethics committee? Find your representative’s Washington number and local area office number and start calling.
If your rep actually voted for this, tell them it is not acceptable and your intention is to make sure they do not remain in office. Watch for their town halls in your area, bring as many people as possible and hold them accountable.
Here is the state house directory (it says TN but all are there if you don’t live in TN): http://ift.tt/2hLNdyc

If you’re nervous, here’s a script:
Hi there! My name is _____and I’m in district _____. I’m really concerned about the recent vote to disarm the Office of Congressional Ethics. Please consider fighting this action (alternative: please tell representative _____to consider fighting this action). An independent oversight committee is important for monitoring corruption. Unless they take aggressive measures against this, I don’t think my conscience will allow me to support representative _____ during [relevant year]’s election and I’ll be sure to inform my family and friends as well. Thank you for any assistance!

If you don’t know your district, find it here. http://ift.tt/P3cvWa
from Facebook http://ift.tt/2hLNdyc

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