A lot has changed since 1992


What was going on in 1992? Well, for one, my family adopted a small terrier mix we named Dolores. We don’t have a lot of pictures of her from that time because digital cameras were still over a decade away from being widely available and cell phone cameras weren’t even imaginable.

Bill Clinton would become president in January of the next year. The radio was playing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Jump by Kriss Kross, Achy-Breaky Heart by Miley’s Dad and Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot before Nicki Minaj sampled the heck out of it. She was only 10 years old then, she probably wasn’t allowed to listen to it.

I was usually driving around Dayton, TN, where I’m from, in my ’91 Chrysler LeBaron convertible. I was still a year away from moving to Knoxville for college and still had an 11:30 curfew. I didn’t watch much TV but if I had, it would have been Roseanne, Murphy Brown, or Cheers. My hometown didn’t get MTV but I probably would have watched the first season of Real World that year. Jack Nicholson would tell us “You can’t handle the truth” and Tom Hanks would remind  us “There’s no crying in baseball” in the movies.

I was a junior in high school  in ’92 and still rocking some big hair. Both of my grandparents on that side of the family were still alive and they were actually the ones who took Dolores in. The following year I would move away. In 2000, we lost my grandfather at 92. In 2006, I became an aunt for the first time. In 2008, I became a wife. In 2011, my grandmother joined her husband in heaven and just last year, my beloved aunt joined them both.

A lot can happen in 23 years and through it all, Dolores was right there with us. Other pets came and went and she just kept on kicking.

This afternoon she joined my grandparents and my aunt in heaven. I’m certain there were treats involved.








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