Fat girl running


I have recently rededicated myself to living a healthier life. Of course I’m focusing on my eating habits, I’m exercising more, and I’ve even added some activities that should help me be healthier both mentally and spiritually. Let’s hope it sticks.

20111008-161859.jpgBecoming more active is both invigorating and terrifying. I hate how I picture my chubby self running (the wide angle picture of me that was just published on Facebook doesn’t help), but alas, if I don’t look silly for a little while, I will never look better.

I have discovered a solution to my upper body dilemma with a Nike sports bra that is both corset, harness, savior, and torture device. In short, I love it. My latest trouble area, clothing-wise, is, well, to be honest, my pants keep falling off. In some cases this might be a good thing, if my rapid weight loss is what was causing it, but I’m afraid it’s more likely my pear-shape.

Does anyone have a top-secret suspenders like device I’ve never heard of? Because if they exist, I’m on my way to the suspender store (locals, we call that Morelock Music, haw!) but I’m inclined to think that’s not a viable solution.

I went and purchase several different pairs of full-length and capri length exercise pants and they all do it. Looking back, I swear I didn’t pass over drawstring ones, I’d remember seeing them.

Lastly, I’m cheap. I’d really love some suggestions that aren’t $70 workout pants because I’ll never spend that kind of money, well not u till they actually look good on me.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It’d be much appreciated.

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