Stuff that works – Christmas edition

Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a Scrooge about Christmas music.  I think it’s because people start playing it in November these days and I just get sick of it.  It’s probably more than that, because I don’t really remember ever liking any Christmas songs.  Dolly’s Hard Candy Christmas is good; I’ve always liked it, but overall, not much else.

This year, my friend, and uber talented musician, Scott Miller put out a Christmas CD.  I coulnd’t believe it.  I took him for even more of a Scrooge than me!  As it turns out, it’s a beautiful record.  Maybe I never liked Christmas music because all you ever hear are Rascall Flatts and Mariah Carey’s versions.

The opening track  on Christmas Gift, features poet and musician R.B. Morris joining him with a reading from TS Elliott’s Journey of the Magi.  It’s the perfect marriage of spoken work and music.  Truly a gift.  Scott also gives us his take on Neil Young’s Star of Bethlehem.  It’s an old favorite of mine, one that I’d only heard at a December show years ago, I felt lucky to have heard it then, knowing now I can play it at anytime makes me so happy. I catch myself starting the song over again before it even finishes.  It’s that good.  He also covers a John Prine song and a Roger Miller song, both of which work perfectly.

So that’s my recommendation, go get this album.  You can purchase them on his website or, even better, go catch him live. He travels all over the country just about all of the time.  Go enjoy some good music, and right now, some holiday cheer.

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  1. Mr. Shelton says:

    Yo Cat. I sent an e-mail to your old AOL acct concerning the x-mas present you requested. Not sure if you still use it so gimme a holler at my yahoo… Jerry

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