Stuff that works – Mineral Power!

Most people who know me would be surprised to learn, I love makeup.  Well, not really nice makeup or anything (I’m cheap), but there’s not much I love more than spending 15-20 minutes perusing the beauty aisles of my local drugstore.  When a new “revolutionary” lip gloss comes out, I. Must. Have. It.  My makeup obsession has led me to discover a product, that actually WORKS!  Obviously, I don’t get paid to comment on the things I like or don’t like but  I know everyone loves to get compliments, right? So I’m passing it on!

The DAY I switched to Maybelline Mineral Power Blush &  Bronzer, I was complimented on my complexion.  Instant gratification, I tell you.  I’ve bought three different Mineral Power products, the blush, the bronzer, and a product they call an Illuminator.

Usually, I put on the blush as I normally would, then dust the Illuminator over my face (this before the bronzer so the bronzer glides more lightly and doesn’t over-saturate), and then  lightly add a bit of the bronzer to my cheeks and nose.  I always brush the Illuminator brush back over my face to even it all out on my face.

I’ve been lucky to have an easy complexion most of my adult life, but let me tell you, for a 35 year old to get frequent compliments on her skin, you know there’s a good product behind it!

So someone out there go try these products and tell me what you think. Am I the only one loving these?

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