Wherefore art thou kindness

As most of you know, my dear friend Katie lost her son this year.  Today is his 19th birthday.  Katie and Henry’s story is featured on the Daily Beast today and in honor of Henry, her sister is asking friends and supporters to participate in Acts of Kindness for Henry.

I think it’s a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.  I’ve struggled all day to think of something kind to do.  I can say I have been kind to those I’ve interacted with today, more so than usual.  I drove by Katie’s house on my way to lunch (she lives near my home, I’m not creepy) and upon seeing her car in the driveway, I immediately wanted my act of kindness to be grabbing flowers or bright balloons and running to her porch.  I felt like that might be an intrusion and I knew it was no coincidence she was home today, so I gave her that privacy.

I thought about filling all the parking meters downtown but then realized that most spaces aren’t metered and by the time I got enough change, I needed to be back to work.  By the time I get off, the meters w0n’t be ticketing.  I thought of buying flowers for my coworkers, but the day before payday made that a not-so-wise decision.

So today, I am still struggling to find my specific act of kindness.  In the meantime, in honor of Henry’s family, I’m reaching out to those I hold dear and telling them I love them.  I’m making time to see them.  And I will make sure they know, nothing is worth more than seeing them another day.

But, I just might throw a good joke in there too because, Henry wouldn’t have it any other way.

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