Someone somewhere is having the worst week of their life.

This week, it happened to a couple of really good people. I feel selfish even mentioning it because none of the struggles were actually mine but those of my friends. It’s never good when your friends make the local news.

Our friend Jay Pfaffman’s house burned down this week. He, his dog Thor, and Thor’s kitty all made it out safely, thank goodness, but his house is gone. I stopped by yesterday and it’s heartbreaking to see someone’s life and all their belongings become a pile of ashes. People always say, “What would you grab if your house was on fire?” thinking that’s a reasonable thing to ask. Jay only had time to get himself out. Thankfully, the firefighters got to Thor.

And finally my dear friend Karen’s mother-in-law passed away in a freak motorcycle accident.  Eva Maria was an outgoing, life-loving, rambunctious woman.  Heck, she died at 73  in a wreck on her new Harley! That should tell you something.  I hate that my friends are hurting because they will no doubt miss her but she lived her life.  Of that we can be sure. I also hate that I didn’t get the chance to know her as well as I soon would have. She would have been my neighbor when we build our house. And what a neighbor she’d have been.

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