I am an avid blog reader

I loved to read blogs. I love to write. I love to facebook and I love to tweet. Why, oh why can I not find 15 minutes a week to update my freaking blog?  I’m not THAT busy.  Although, I have been really busy.  (I just typed “busty”, heh. I guess I’m that too.)

We had a sales blitz at my place of employ which meant I was working about 10 hour days and constantly trying to think of ways to produce big and bigger sales.  By the time I got home from work each day, my brain was so tired, I literally had a hard time making decisions about what to eat for dinner.  That’s bad.

Anyway.  Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying on the interwebs and in real life:

Adrienne Martini’s blog – she’s a writer, professor and a mom.  She’d probably reorder that list, but I’m not a mom and it’s my blog, so it stays.  Anyway, she’s funny and smart and on her ?Many things Make a Post” series ALWAYS seems to have two or more things I love. Lately my facebook links page looks more like an homage to Adrienne than my own thoughts.

She’s Still Got It – Lindsay Ferrier from Suburban Turmoil and the Nashville Scene bring her style blog to Cafe Stir. I’m finding that I don’t agree with everything she’s says about fashion, I love her updates and look forward to them.

Leslie Wylie’s Eventing Blog – my friend Leslie’s a champion in the equestrian sport of eventing, but amid all of the beautiful images of horses, she illustrates an honest,  funny and sometimes touching story of a girl just doing what she’s loves and trying to make a go of it.

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