My dog wears diapers.

Yep.  He does.  And I’m a raving fan of them.

You see, when we adopted Leon, he was already an elderly dog.  We aren’t sure how old he is, but we’ve had him two years now (wow!) and the vet guessed he was 10 or 11 then.  I’ve always leaned more towards 11, so that would make him around 13 now.

When he first came to the house, we noticed he had some, um, problems knowing where he was allowed to go to the bathroom and where he wasn’t.  We had a Christmas tree up at the time which I’m sure made it even MORE confusing.  I just assumed that after time, he would learn and we would just deal with the situation for a little while.

Well as it turns out, it wasn’t “for a little while” and it became a big deal.  It was incredibly frustrating. Every day when we got home, as gross as it sounds, we would a.) have to play a game of “find the pee” and then, b.) bicker over who got to clean it up.  Neither of which was any fun. 

We were at wits’ end and literally didn’t know what to do. I finally got online and did some research.  It turns out there are diapers for dogs.  Our other dog, the one I’ve had since before we met, would never in ten-million years be a candidate for dog diapers.  He wasn’t even able to not chew his stitches out of his body (three times!) so you can imagine how he’d handle wearing a diaper.  I’d give it 34 seconds.  But Leon, he’s different.  He’s, umm, special.  He could care less if he is wearing a diaper or not.  When we get ready to leave the house, there’s Leon, running up to us as we un-velcro his “pee-pee pants”.
(And yes, there is, in fact, a “pee-pee dance” that is involved. 🙂 )

So, while I’m not ready to say, “Dog Diapers Saved My Marriage” or anything, they have most DEFINITELY made my life so much easier.

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  1. Sara says:

    I always wondered if dog diapers worked as I have a dog that whittles all the time, even little amounts, and I think doggie diapers might help. Thanks for the post.

  2. ckmarler says:

    We also bought an herbal supplement called Bladder Strength that has helped keep the diapers dry. He actually goes days at a time now without wetting his diaper. They are certainly inexpensive enough to try. Even if it doesn’t work, you’re not out that much.

  3. Manya says:

    I have seen said “pee pee dance” and it is worth doing even if there aren’t any incontinence issues.
    Shadow would have never tolerated the diapers while she was alive and she had the same issues as an elderly dog. I am glad they work for you!

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