I don’t do Christmas

I just don’t get into the Christmas thing.

I hate the shopping.  I buy gifts for my loved ones all the time (no, they aren’t usually expensive ones) just if I see something that reminds me of them or that they might like.

I also hate traffic and since my job requires me to frequently travel from one office to another, I’m now stuck in senseless Christmas shopping traffic every time I have to go to a meeting.  And I’m noticing that while everyone is out and about, more and more people are either jerks or just in such a bad mood that they can’t help being jerks.  Either way, it makes me unhappy to interact with them during my daily tasks.

I love to cook year round, but now, when I go to the grocery store, it’s packed with people who are making candy or trying to figure out what a cantaloupe is. Where are these people the other 11 months of the year?  Do they starve themselves?  Is it ok to wish they’d go back?

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