Are you ever just in a BAD mood?

I’m sure everyone is.  I’m fairly even-tempered and I’m usually in a good mood, cheery even.  But yesterday, absolutely nothing was going my way and I was struggling to not let that fact get the best of me.

I had to work which wouldn’t have been a big deal since I’ve worked many holidays and days after Thanksgiving, but I had asked off, been approved, and planned around that fact when the workload just didn’t allow for me to do it.  It wasn’t really anyone’s fault, I was just pure and simply too busy to take the time off.  I didn’t get as much taken care of as I’d like, we were on a skeleton crew at the office so some of the things I’d need others to execute didn’t get done (but I’m now in a MUCH better place for Monday).

When I got home, I was just agitated.  That’s the simplest way I can explain it.  My husband knew that I wasn’t acting normal and just tried to stay out of sight.  We were supposed to go to a party that we’d both been looking forward to but I wasn’t entirely sure I could maintain a pleasant conversation with the lovely people.

After much consideration, we decided to go to the party, if even for a little while, since it was so nice to be invited. I causally asked what the weather was like and we got ready.  When DT stepped out dressed and ready to go, he looked nice.  Really nice. Nicer than I looked.  Frustrated again, I went back to the closet and fumbled around for something comfortable, but stylish enough so it didn’t look like he’d shown up with an adopted homeless person.  I decided to wear a cute purple corduroy blazer that I usually like over what I’d worn to work.  DT asked, “Oh, I thought you were changing clothes”.  He meant no harm, of course, but then I felt like I NEEDED to change.  (He just meant that I usually DO want to change out of work clothes when we go out, but I had worn more casual clothes to work since it was a holiday and I wasn’t seeing clients.)

I didn’t change.  And I didn’t snap at him, thankfully.  I just tried to muster up the strength to manually have an attitude adjustment.  It wasn’t working.

As we drove downtown, we realized traffic was heavy and remembered the Christmas parade had all our routes blocked off.  We finally got to the parking garage as I remembered that I hadn’t even put on any makeup. Gah.

As we walked out of the garage, I remembered I never actually checked the weather and it was cold. Really cold.  I mentioned that I should have worn my nice, new knee-length wool coat instead of the light blazer.  Of course, DT offered to go and get it and let me sit and have a glass of wine.  I thought for a moment, and said, “No, let me.  I’ll be right back. It’s not your fault, and it will give me a moment to compose myself.”  After a little pushback to let him go for me, he relented.

I ran home. Called my mama on the way and told her what a grump I was being and we chatted about what was going on.  I quickly changed into the warmer, much nicer looking, coat.  Touched up my makeup.  And drive right back.  I didn’t get as good a parking place, but I was feeling a little better.  As I walked in to meet him, DT quickly jumped up and took me outside.  He had a little box. He said,  “I know you’ve had a rough day and wanted you to have something to cheer you up.”

While I ran home, instead of having a beer and dreading his grumpy wife’s arrival, he went to a wonderful little store and bought me a beautiful pair of handmade earrings.  I was stunned, and teary-eyed.  And no longer anywhere near a bad mood.

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  1. dan says:

    dang, all that was going on last night? i just thought you looked hot and b was going out to listen to music

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