Back to square one

We went up to our lot yesterday to lay out the placement of the house.  The bad news is that the steepness of the lot combined with the width of the house ruled out the plans we had chosen.

While we were looking we mostly focused on homes with the garage under the house, but the lot is steep so the driveway really needs to angle out and there was just no room for it.  Our designer told us we’ll need about 30 ft. for the cars to turn around.  Knowing this helps, but we did really like the plan we had chosen.  And I tend to prefer a house with a garage under or at the very least a side-entry garage, but it’s looking like we’re going to have to have the garage entry on the front.

So now, my free time will go back to browsing house plans, buying home magazines, and hoping and praying that we find something we love again.

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