What did that say?

If you have google voice, you know that one of the perks is that you get and emailed “copy” of your voicemail.  Of course, this doesn’t really work all that well, epecially here in the south.  I’m like Katie, in that I love Google Voice and think it’s going to be a great tool but right now, my favorite Voice activity is reading the transcribed messages and laughing out loud.  Not too many people have my number yet so this will get more fun the more messages I get.  Katie and Jon even got a domain name dedicated to bad google voice messages  Genius!

Here are the ones I sent her:

Hey Catherine, this is not too. I’m thinking about having Thanksgiving for the gang on the 20 S, which is a Friday, so if I date before Thanksgiving so. But anyway, people will be in town still stop off on 18 months. Larry mother. Hey, so if you could stopping warranty did last year and. Anyway, let me know how to get it. Try to get a head count going alright. Bye bye.

Hello that, but it’s God. Hello, Mister. Okay, call me back. Love you bye.

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