Meetin’ in the ladies’ room

I went to my favorite store, New York and Co. over the weekend because my very sweet mother-in-law gave me a bit of shopping money to celebrate my new position at work.  Usually I’m the kind of shopper that picks up a thing or two here or there, mostly at discount stores. But this time, due to her generosity, I was in it for more of an actual shopping experience. 

 I picked out several different tops and a few pants and a couple of really nice pencil skirts.  I don’t often enjoy trying on clothes, but I was excited since it was a treat I’m not used to!  When I carried my loot to the dressing room area, I had so much I was afraid an attendant might tell me there was a limit or something.  That’s when I noticed the guy.  He looked like he worked there; he had a long lanyard with keys hanging out of his pocket and was standing at the door of the dressing room.  (It should be noted that New York and Company doesn’t carry men’s clothing so there is only one dressing room.) I gestured to him to make sure it was ok to have as much as I did and he didn’t really acknowledge me, he didn’t stop me, though, so I figured I was ok.  A female employee unlocked a dressing room door for me and I went about trying on the different outfits. 

When the first sweater didn’t fit, I opened the door to look for the associate that had unlocked it to see if she would grab me a smaller size (which is very common for those reader that don’t frequent women’s dressing rooms).  And there he was, standing right inside the dressing room hallway, in front of another door.  I was a bit unnerved to see him in that specific area; it made me question NY &Co’s policies with male employees in the changing areas.  I went back into my dressing room.  I loved the next few outfits that I tried but the last, I wasn’t so sure about.  I emerged from the dressing room to take advantage of the three-way angled mirror in the dressing room common area.  At this point, the guy was sitting on a large display stand (about three feet high) right outside of the same room he was standing near earlier.  He was talking to a young lady standing in front of him and to another that was in the dressing room, but it felt like he was in my bedroom watching me try on clothes.  It was tres creepy.

 I hurried back in to my dressing room to change back into my clothes and get out of there.  By the time I got back to the front of the store to meet my husband, the guy came out of the dressing room with the two ladies and when straight to the cashier. He was with a CUSTOMER.  He was just an average guy who thought it was a good idea to go through a door and into the dressing room area of a WOMEN’S clothing store. 

 I was near speechless.  I tried to tell my husband about how it all happened but he couldn’t really understand, mostly because he has never been into a women’s dressing room!  He thought the guy worked there and also thought there was a dressing area and a separate storage or stockroom area that he was going into.  Looking back, I guess I should have complained to the store manager about the fact that several employees saw the guy there and didn’t do anything about it.  I guess I was just too shocked that it had all happened.  How would a twenty-something guy and his two lady-friends not know any better?

 I’m trying to not let it have a negative impact on how I feel about NY & Co., though, because I really do love their stuff!

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  1. sara says:

    You so know I would have said something to him! I would have probably asked him how the outfit looked on me!!!! I like getting a guys perspective on clothes, especially those that work in the stores. However, for a customer to just be standing around, I can see how that would be weird.

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