I have been incredibly busy transitioning at work. I have accepted a position as a Digital Media Product Specialist with KNS. I will still be working with the real estate team but will be managing the online sales and accounts for the team instead of focusing on my own territory. I’m really excited about it. Actually, I applied for the job and didn’t get it back in February. They hired a former realtor who they believed (understandably so) would have added connections and insight I didn’t have. Long story short, it wasn’t what she’d hoped it would be and moved on and I reapplied for it. I’m sure there is some everything-has-a-way-of-working-out-in-the-end or if-you-work-hard-and-stick-with-it-you-can-get-what-you-want story in there somewhere, but I can’t really find it.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances and my changing positions, our team is pretty short staffed right now. It’s so short staffed that while we are having a big sales push, we only have one person eligible to make the calls!  That’s pretty short (we used to have 5)! So in addition to training my replacement, and learning my new role, I’ve been pitching in to help with the three territories that we’re short and going on calls to them. Remarkably, this added workload hasn’t really added any new stress, really. I think knowing that my new position is there and I have started the transition process makes all the difference in the world. I’m even excited to go to work in the morning. Who doesn’t love that!

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  1. Scott says:

    I just noticed this congratulations on your new job.

    -Scott from the Blab

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