Whatever Letap Hospitality is, they won’t be getting my support.

A local developer wants to “redirect misplaced homeless people” by donating his furniture and items to the Angelic Ministries.  Nope, he really said that.  How are homeless people “misplaced”?  Did someone lose them? No, I think he is implying that the homeless people aren’t supposed to be in West Knoxville and that they should go back downtown where they belong. 

Here’s the problem with that.  We’ve created a homeless district that is attractive enough for folks to travel here to have access to free stuff from places like the Angelic Ministries.  And there are a lot of homeless service providers that aren’t doing anything to really get people off the streets.  So now there are a LOT of homeless people in Knoxville and they have to go somewhere

I don’t want them in my backyard, I really don’t.  But they’re there, a lot of them.  We need to spread the service providers out so the neighborhoods aren’t so impacted by their services and we need to make sure these charities are actually working to get people off the street.  In doing so, we’d rid ourselves of a dangerous (to us and the homeless) district where getting help is tough, and sometimes surviving is even tougher. 

I’m truly shocked that a business owner would publicly release a statement like that.  I can assure you, I’ll never do business with him.

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