Rickey Henderson’s Number One Fan

Several years ago, I mysteriously received a subscription to Sports Illustrated.  Shortly thereafter, I received a subscription to Stuff, by Maxim, as well (my then military boyfriend, thought I was the greatest when he got three Stuffs and the Swimsuit Issue in a care package!) . 

DT and I were watching the reporting about Rickey Henderson and I mentioned a sweet article I remembered.  Turns out it wasn’t from the era that I had the free subscriptions but I’m glad I looked it up.  It’s sweeter than ever.

A Rickey Henderson Slide
A Rickey Henderson Slide

In honor of Rickey Henderson’s Hall of Fame induction, is this illustration of his relationship with fans and more importantly, one special one.  I wish there were more articles showing the humanity of the athletes; that is one thing sorely missing today.

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  1. John Wright says:

    That is a sweet story. I remember watching an A’s game, in the mid eighties I guess, and Rickey got pinged with a foul ball while chatting with somebody in the stands. He wasn’t hurt and actually flashed a big smile toward the batter. It caught my attention only because he had a reputation for being a jerk but at that moment he looked like he was really enjoying himself.

  2. dan says:

    i always liked rickey. his acceptance speech was awesome this weekend. his rep over the years has been one of a selfish ballplayer who only thought of himself. spoke in the third person and was really, well, sort of strange. i watched live as he became Nolan Ryan’s 5000th strikeout as he just “waved” at strike three. I think everyone there thought Rickey just wanted to be part of the highlight in the 8th inning of a blowout game. But this week was filled with stories of Rickey that she a brighter light on the man. One longtime baseball man who is now an announcer for my favorite team and a former GM and player during Rickey’s 25 years said no matter what the public ever heard about Rickey, within the game he was well liked, respected and would have been welcomed on any team. His only issue with a manager was with Billy Martin. The two of them considered their relationship more of a father/son. So we’ll let that pass because we all understand that one. Good job Rickey.

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