Hitting too close to home

Last night I got an email from my mother in law.  As I read the first paragraph, I assumed it was just a nice “Happy 4th of July” email and read on with a light heart.  As I read on, I realized it wasn’t as jovial as I’d hoped.   As it turns out, the South Carolina serial killer had killed my niece’s teacher and the teacher’s mother. 

As you can imagine my niece is pretty upset about it.  The teacher was well loved and in articles about her a student or parent is quick to rave about her.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law had spent a lot of time with her as volunteers in the classroom and loved her dearly.

I can’t imagine having to learn about death in this way.  A nine year old having to go through the grieving process is sad enough but the senselessness of this makes it that much harder to comprehend.  Please keep the victims families in your prayers today and your own family close to you.  Life is so short and you never know when someone can be taken from you.



There has been a robbery/shooting in North Carolina and the suspet has been shot.  Police are seeing if they are connected and if the shooting victim is the serial killer suspect.

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