Real time ads?


The Minnesota Post has created (they are in beta right now) a new platform for displaying real time advertising.  The article mentions a restaurant being able to post a lunch special and then later posting a dinner one.  And it is set up to allow feeds like from Twitter or Facebook so the business doesn’t have to update in several different places.  I can see how this might be a way for some newspapers and media companies to see a ROI on social media. 

I used to work for an alternative weekly paper and over the years, plenty of people commented that they liked to see what businesses were advertising and what their ads looked like.  Not the same way people enjoy the editorial content, but I think it’s safe to say some people enjoy ads.  I know personally, I’ve always enjoyed looking at the classified ads in papers whether or not I was shopping or job hunting. 

What do you think?  Would you log in every day (or every day or so) to see what ads, specials, coupons, etc. that businesses want to promote?

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  1. John Wright says:

    Yeah, I might log in to see ads. But I’ll tell you something I DON’T like. Businesses using Facebook. The whole appeal of Facebook to me is connecting with PEOPLE, not being bombarded with requests to become a fan of businesses or other organizations. I ignore every such request but I can see it getting to a point where it could turn me off of Facebook for good.

  2. ckmarler says:

    I completely understand. I don’t hate businesses being on facebook, but I think it should be more something users seek out instead of the other way around. I know there are a couple of businesses that I’ve accepted DTGB for one and Magpies is another. I wish there were a better way for communitcation with them, I hate it when they email me. I don’t like spam in my email inbox and I don’t like it in my facebook inbox. That should be reserved for former boyfriends to email me telling me how awesome I look and how stupid they were. 😉

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