Equal opportunity exposure


Since KnoxNews.com has a new article focusing on the women who are being arrested for prostitution (complete with photo gallery) in Knoxville, I thought I’d draw attention to the seemingly, little noticed PDF attached to the article with a list of all people arrested for SOLICITING a prostitute since 1999. 

I think if there are pictures of one, there should be pictures of both!  (In their defense, it is a three-part series, so maybe the focus will be on the johns later.)

See article here PDF here.

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  1. John Wright says:

    Good for you. I thought it was kinda crappy to run the photo gallery.

  2. dan says:

    anyone we know on that list?

  3. ckmarler says:

    I dunno. Do you have an alias?

  4. kris says:

    Curious why we ‘tax payers’ spend so much money on ‘cleansing’ the streets.. there is little difference in this action as that of a man picking up a gal in a bar, buying her drinks and then bedding her?! Payment for services.. Who knows maybe the role is even reversed? Should he be arrested? Isn’t there more to focus our tax efforts?

  5. ckmarler says:

    Good point Kris, but my intention was to call attention to the blatant one-sidedness of it. IF prostitution was legal, well, we’d wouldn’t be having this discussion…

  6. skirob says:

    Why you bringin’ up old sh*t?

  7. ckmarler says:

    What old sh*t??!! The oldest profession in the world?? 😉

  8. dan says:

    hey, i wouldnt mind having a regular lady…if your ol man wouldnt have run off the fridge repairman im certain i would

  9. Cool Springs says:

    Yikes! LOL. Nashville has a big problem with women coming here from out of town and working Craigslist out of a hotel for the weekend. I dont know if anyone has ever compiled all the people that have solicited here yet.


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