My neighborhood – present and future?

The good folks over at Knoxify have profiled my lovely neighborhood in their most recent Neighborhood Guide.  It really is a love ly place to live.  Sure, there are some downsides (like sometimes not feeling very comfortable walking two blocks to my friend’s with my laptop in the dark because you just never know, and feeling a little uneasy walking alone in the park if it’s getting dark or early morning) but over all, I have loved it there.  And I do love it there.  It has beautiful old trees, sidewalks, parks, and best of all friendly neighbor(s) .  Everyone waves as we pass on the street; it really has a small town feel. 


We are beginning to talk about what’s next for us though, as we’ve really already outgrown the house.  I’d miss the neighborhood but we’d both like a little more home space, and a lot more yard space.  Our house is a cute two bedroom, one and half bath.  I always joke that there aren’t many rooms but they’re all good sized!  The yard is small but it’s wonderfully private and perfect for entertaining.  Like I said, I’ve loved this house; fell in love with it immediately (except for the pink carpet; that was something else).  It will always be my first house.  But it’s getting interesting seeing where our next step might be.

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  1. jon hickman says:

    You do know you’re not allowed to move out of the ‘hood, don’t you?

  2. ckmarler says:

    I know! I won’t know what to do if it happens. But we’re looking at many different options right now.
    In my dream lottery winning world, I’d have a small house here and a place with a few acres somewhere else. Sadly, I haven’t won the lottery yet, and honestly, I forget to even play so my odds are really bad.

  3. John Wright says:

    There’s plenty of room out by us in Blount County!

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