In response to the question of the day

Well, you see Sam, that’s my point. In my opinion, if we base our laws on someone’s religion, then we’re just asking for people to break them saying, “But I don’t believe in your religion so I don’t like your laws”.

I just can’t believe that so many people aren’t thinking ahead enough to realize how this could impact our country.  This country was founded because of people fleeing FORCED religion.  

It’s all fine and good (not really) when “the ruling party” wants to base everything on THEIR religion, but what happens when there are more people who believe like WE do or, God forbid, there are more people whose religious beliefs are even more radical. What if a religious cult became popular that believed that Evangelical Christians should be isolated and confined and stripped of their rights?  Then would they still want to legislate based on popular religion??

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