Finding old friends

Everyone know how handy Facebook is for finding old friends.  That’s one of the main reasons to use it for most people. 

 Today, while making an initial sales call (meaning I’ve never met anyone from the company and have no business relationship developed) I was transferred to the person that handles the marketing for a large contractor group.  I immediately recognized the guy’s name but it isn’t an all too uncommon name and his voice mail greeting was recorded by a universal voice.  I just left a general sales call message.

I immediately hung up and checked the website for a bio or picture and there he was, an old friend from college.  There wasn’t a picture but his bio mentioned his high school and background, enough that I could tell it was him.  I called right back and left another message, saying “Hey! This is Catherine,  or Cat.  We worked together back in the day and hung out with so in so, and I used to live with blah blah blah, REMEMBER!?!?!”  He called me back but before he heard the second message ( I told him he’d listen and laugh).  We chatted and caught up and then set up the sales call.  It sure is nice to already know the person you’re approaching, isn’t it!?!

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  1. John Wright says:

    Good luck closing the deal!

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