Miss California Debacle

I don’t watch the Miss USA pagent, or any pagent for that matter. I didn’t even know it happened until Miss California’s response to a controversial question caught wind and spread like wildfire. For those that don’t know, she was asked how she feels about gay marriage, by an openly gay judge (gossip-blogger Perez Hilton). And she proceeded to tell him that she believed, because of how she was raised that marriage was between a man and a woman.

Obviously, she has a right to her opinions, but I think Alicia Jacobs hits the nail on the head with this post. She was another judge in the pagent. Excerpts:

“… how could this young woman NOT know her audience and judges? Let’s not forget that the person asking the question is an openly gay man, at least 2 people on the judges panel are openly gay. Another judge has a sister in a gay marriage. Her very own state pageant director, KEITH LEWIS is an openly gay man who has been a very generous benefactor of hers…in many ways…”


“…Please understand, that as a journalist, I am passionate about freedom of speech, however, I am also passionate about the importance of compassion & humanity, & that we should ALL have the right to love & share our lives with WHOMEVER we chose. If Carrie Prejean is against gay marriage, she certainly has that right, but, if it was her intention to be MISS USA (and I think it was) why not answer that question with diplomacy & heart? Sometimes, (pageants & politics, to name a few) we have to be mindful of using a platform in a hurtful way, like international television (The Miss USA PAGEANT was seen by over 7 million viewers in the U.S. alone, & in at least 121 different countries) Yes, Miss USA should be beautiful, be physically fit, & look great in a swimsuit, she also has to be able to think on her feet & answer any question thrown at her in an articulate & non-offensive manner. Outwardly, Miss California was wonderfully prepared, & in many ways, she looked the part of Miss USA. It has occurred to me that the all-knowing power of the Universe took over the final 15 minutes of the Miss USA telecast. What were the odds that Perez Hilton, an openly gay man, who insisted on writing his own question, would have his name randomly selected by Miss California? Thank goodness, or thank the universe for this occurrence…how horrible if Miss California USA’s lack of good judgement had not been disclosed until it was too late? Maybe it’s true, & maybe everything really does happen for a reason. It is my opinion that MISS USA must have social grace…Miss California USA does not…”

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  1. John Cosign says:

    I’m interested in a suggestion of how Miss Prejean could have answered the question in a “non-offensive manner” and still have actually answered the question given her opinion on the subject.

  2. ckmarler says:

    Like this:

    “The beautiful thing about America is that we have the right to choose what partner we want to love, commit and spend the rest of our lives with,” Kristen said.

    “I think that all couples should be able to be recognized legally, to enter into a union. Whether or not that should be defined as marriage, I’ll leave that to politicians.”

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