Good music


We’ve got quite a bit of good music coming our way soon. Tonight, we’ll see Scott Miller (I can’t remember if it will be & The Commonwealth or not, but either way) at the Disc Exchange for an in-store appearance and then with the Dogwood Arts Festival kicking up, there’s all kinds of good stuff next weekend.

WUTK’s benefit is next weekend with Bobby Bare, Jr, Mic Harrison and the High Score, Todd Steed and the Sons of Phere, and I’m sure some others I can’t think of. Then, on the 26th, we’ll be see Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta. I’m really excited about that. We originally bought the tickets in case he didn’t confirm he was playing Bonnaroo and we’d planned to sell them when/if he announced he WAS playing Bonnaroo. Well, when it was announced, I just really didn’t want to sell them. I know I SHOULD, but I just couldn’t. So we’re going. And “on the way”, we’re stopping in Asheville to see Scott Miller and the Commonwealth. And then with Bonnaroo coming in June (yay!), it’s just really gearing up to be an awesome Spring. There’s not much I love more than live music!

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  1. John Wright says:

    I love me some live music, too. I think we’re going to that Miller show in Asheville.

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