Change of plans

We were supposed to be visiting my dad this weekend and celebrating B’s mother’s birthday on Sunday with a Polar Express train ride.  Unfortunately, B’s grandfather passed away and the family is going to Pennsylvania for the funeral.  He was sick for along time, but you’re never really ready to lose a grandparent.  I can attest to that. 

After much debate, we’ve decided we’re not going to the funeral.  At this time it would be really hard for us to afford it, although there are other reasons.  We thought we had a solution, that B, his brother, and I would drive up together, but his brother, after a long employment drought, is starting a new job and really couldn’t take off. 

I am really glad that we went up to visit in September and got to spend some time with his grandmother alone, as well as his grandfather and a surprise visit from his aunts and several cousins.  It was a much better visit that we’d have during the time of a funeral.  I think we’re doing what’s best, and he really does too, even so, he’s having a hard time not feeling guilty about it. 

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