What are my ISP options?


Are there any blog readers can help me make a decision on my home internet connection?  I haven’t had a connection at home and need one now and really don’t know my high speed options other than Comcast.  Help!


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  1. AT says:

    Around here its really just Bellsouth and Comcast, unless you live in a Knology area. The best people to tell you opinions would be neighbors, because high speed internet is really, really, really, really location specific. I have great results out of comcast, but other Oak Ridgers who live a few blocks away or across town don’t.

  2. ckmarler says:

    Comcast just seems SO expensive for me! I don’t need a home phone and I already pay $80 a month for cable, I just don’t wanna add another $40 to it!

  3. AT says:

    I dig that man. Cable is stupid expensive. Hell, broadband in general out this way is way overpriced. Out west, it tends to be half as much.
    I don’t have (or want) a home land line, so I go with cable. DSL isn’t offered without a home phone, so you have to have that albatross to go with anything but cable.
    Another option (if you just have a laptop) could be the cards that let your computer surf on the cellular network. They’re more expensive, not quite as fast, but you have internet everywhere.

  4. Jerseyhighlander says:

    If you have a land line, I recommend AT&T (formerly Bellsouth) DSL. Happened upon your blog via Knox Blab. When on a kayak paddle a few weeks ago, one person asked about Internet service. She had Comcast and her husband hadn’t been able to access the Web in weeks due to a cable problem. She believes it’s because they live on a short street not too far from Knoxville Center and that they are just not a priority customer. In anycase, I’m on my way out there to install AT&T DSL on their computer.

  5. ckmarler says:

    But I DON’T have a landline. Ugh. Why can’t we live in one of those free-google-wi-fi cities?!?1

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