Johnia Berry

I am so pleased with the work of the law enforcement agencies responsible for the investigation and arrest of Johnia Berry’s murderer after THREE years. It was a DNA match from a sample he had to submit having been recently convicted of a felony, I think. DNA matches aren’t likely to be mistaken, thankfully.

Composite vs. Suspect


This case has always bothered me, if not for the obvious reasons, because I couldn’t get the thought of her crawling to her neighbors’ doors for help and no one helping her. Its just tragic on so many levels. I hope her family can find some peace and I know I will sleep better knowing this guy isn’t on the streets anymore.


Joan and Mike Berry lobbied successfully for the creation of a state DNA database with samples from all suspects arrested on violent crime charges in Tennessee.  The state Legislature passed the “Johnia Berry Act of 2007“ in their latest session that requires anyone arrested for a violent crime to give a DNA sample to authorities. Previously, state law only required DNA samples from convicted violent offenders.

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