Here’s a nice article on Knoxville

I love my town. I moved here for college and never left, it just fits me. Its hard to explain to people, like my brother, that don’t really like Knoxville, but here’s a nice article from Frommer’s travel people. It was referenced in this week’s Metro Pulse but here is the full article. It makes me proud of what Knoxville has become and where its going. It makes me proud to have AC Entertainment, the KMA, Gregg White, Scott Schimmell (sp?), etc. in and supporting Knoxville.

“After the time I spent in Knoxville theater, festival, and museum-hopping, what struck me most was Knoxville’s dedication to promoting and encouraging music and arts. And then there’s that cheeriness: At Alive After Five, I found myself chatting with friendly locals whenever I was away from my table or at the cash bar. Upbeat Americana music filled the museum space, and the dance floor was packed with people, equally at home whether in jeans or dressed to the nines. They danced the two-step, laughing and grinning as they spun to the fiddle playing. After a few days in Knoxville, this jaded New Yorker found herself thawed out and renewed — it was impossible to feel like an outsider in this charming, dynamic city, and to not start smiling too.

It reminds me of seeing Scott Miller at a live Blue Plate show at WDVX this past year. They have a video running on a plasma TV that is basically a commercial for Knoxville, showcasing festivals, fountains with kids, concerts, mountains, lakes, musicians, and all that makes Knoxville great. After about half of his set, he paused, looked up and said “That video there is distracting me. I just keep thinkin’, man, I wanna live there!”

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