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  1. karissa says:

    yes. now they are, i think. one tapped me on the shoulder the other day and asked how the hell to get around all the construction and detours. I was like, “Gook luck with that, but what the hell is wrong with your wings!”

  2. CMS says:

    You can certainly find them here… along with other areas in the US. I believe there’s a reservation in Alaska as well. I think B knows a lot about them. He was one in his former life…

  3. sam says:

    Does Dollywood count?

  4. ckmarler says:

    Well my boyfriend and I had an in-depth discussion about it. Seems that the way I said “indigenous” he thought I meant to ONLY this area. But as I understand it, the Bald Eagle is indigenous to every one of the states when they chose, it and the wild turkey. They were both in the running for national bird. Anyway, I now have a wealth of knowledge on the subject because B went and learned everything you can learn about a Bald Eagle in one day. He’s an expert; just ask him!

  5. karissa says:

    I’m gonna get him a necklace with a talon on it now. oh wait, that might just be illegal!

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