I still have a lot to learn about blogging.

I’m pretty new to blogging. I’m trying to remember to post things, because if you don’t update very often, the random few that read your blog will stop reading it and I really do want readers. I don’t know why, but when the Blog Stat thingy is showing a decline, I feel like I’m just not doing my part to get or retain readers. And I’m probably not, but I don’t want to write about nothing. My life’s just not that exciting really. Yesterday, for example, I worked, made dinner and a rad Chocolate Eclair Cake for dessert, and watched tv. Who’d want to read about that?

I’d also like to trick out my blog a little bit more, but don’t know how. With WordPress, everything is in a nice package and you can be a computer moron (I’m not really a moron, but I don’t know much about html and computer languages, I know just enough for my dad to think I’m a genius) like me and still be able to blog. I’ve seen some blogs with music players and flickr accounts in the sidebar and such, but I don’t know how to add those. I search for WordPress Widgets sometimes (sorry to those that searched for that and found this post) but never see anything I a.) want or b.) know how to add. Sigh.

And now the recipe for Chocolate Eclair Cake. Its easy, yummy, and tastes better the longer its in the fridge (within reason, of course):


1 box graham crackers
2 small packages instant vanilla pudding (I use French Vanilla)
8 oz. Cool Whip


Line oblong baking dish (9×13) with graham crackers. Mix together pudding by directions on box. Fold in Cool Whip. Pour 1/2 mixture over crackers. Repeat, ending with crackers on top.




1 c. sugar
1/3 c. cocoa
1/4 c. evaporated milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 stick butter


Boil for 1 minute. Add butter and vanilla. Let cool 30-40 seconds. Pour on top of graham crackers. Keep refrigerated.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. karissa says:

    well, atleast you know how to post freakin’ pics of your dessert. That’s pretty cool, but I am gonna assume you didn’t take that picture of the dessert. Hehehe. I’m just being an ass. Oh, I totally forgot to give you that doggie bowl for Clinton. did it work out for him?

  2. ckmarler says:

    Yep. He’s still got Sandy. She’s a sweetheart. And no I didn’t take a pic of the dessert, but I didn’t know I’d want a pic until I started blogging today. Its a work in progress, ya know.

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