Sunsphere Re-opens

So they are finally re-opening the Sunsphere to the public. I think its a great idea and something that should have been done a long time ago. Its been hard to explain why we have this odd structure right in the center of downtown and you couldn’t even go in it to enjoy the view.

For me, its a little bittersweet, though. See, until Monday, I worked for the guy who’s company has control of the Sunsphere. I had promised B. that I would take him up in it. He’s been here in Knoxville for nine years and it was something he had wanted to do for about nine years! I got permission from my boss and had all but made the appropriate arrangements to take him up. The last conversation I had with my boss about it, he insisted it was really hot up there so we decided to wait. Maybe the old boss man didn’t want me to go up, I don’t know. He never acted like it. He acted like it was no big deal for me to go. But I had NO idea they were re-opening it so soon.

So I’m glad it open, I really am. I just wish I had acted a little sooner because seeing my boyfriend’s friends bragging about going up in it before he had was such a bummer! (Especially the one that just moved here a couple of years ago!)

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  1. sam says:

    I’ve been here about nine years as well and haven’t ever been in it either, but I’ve always wondered why we have this great thing that sits empty and unused.

    My wife, who mostly grew up here, and I met in Charlotte but would come here for holidays. Even then I always loved to see the Sunsphere, wondering what exactly and why exactly it was.

    I also wonder, if I were in control, what would I do with it? What business fits in the Sunsphere in order to bring a little money to help pay for upkeep?

  2. ckmarler says:

    Well there will be an office for the Development company that manages it now, and there’s supposed to be a restaurant/coffee shop type thing. I think they’re planning on focusing on happy hour business. I’m excited about it though. I think I might go today after work!

  3. Ian says:

    Ah, but can you go on top of it?

  4. d says:

    everyone should go. i just moved to knoxville and have been in it.
    i’m thinking about opening a bangcock spa on the 8th floor

  5. ckmarler says:

    I’ll keep you posted. That’s supposed to be the surprise!

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