I had a fun-filled entertainment consuming weekend. #1

On Friday I went to the World Grotto to see Tim Easton, of whom I am a long-time fan, and Carrie Rodriguez, who tops my significant other’s *cheat list. A group of us had planned to go, mainly a couple of B’s friends (who fought over Carrie’s affection the entire week prior) and us, but none of them were very interested in Tim Easton’s set, and, of course, that was the one I was anticipating.

As soon as Tim started, though, they were enthralled. It was just him with harmonica and guitar. It was such a phenomenal show After being frustrated by uninterested VERY-talkative (oddly enough seemingly all lesbian) attendees, he asked for requests and promptly played my favorite song (YAY!), Rewind, off his first album. His stage presence combined with the audience actually having requests finally caught the ear of the talkers and provided a few uninterrupted beautiful songs before his set was over!

I was less familiar with Carrie Rodriguez’s stuff, but she is a super-talented fiddle player with evidently a huge lesbian following. (The guys credited it to her opening for Lucinda Williams a few months ago, but I’ve never noticed an sexuality-unbalanced audience at a Lucinda Williams show. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this time had they all not been screaming to talk OVER Tim Easton’s set.) I had seen her a few years ago when she performed with Chip Taylor, of Wild Thing and Angel of the Morning, fame. They made a few duet albums and now she’s got a solo album out. She really was outstanding. Towards the end of her set a couple of the guys from The Greencards, who had played the Bijou earlier that night, joined her on-stage for a few songs. When Tim Easton came back out they all joined in and played my other fave of his Don’t Walk Alone. (You can hear it here, with a weird Dr. Who video?!?) The sound was great, the music was great, and the company was great. Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

*It’s a joke, people.

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  1. Chuck says:

    I caught Carrie opening up for Lucinda here in Toronto in April and have become obsessed. Am a long time Tim fan. Can’t believe he’s not gonna be with her here next month – damn! Regardless, I think the lesbian girls just admire a strong woman – Carrie is that, but seems soooo sweet too. And AMAZINGLY TALENTED. Yet another thing I have in common with the lesbian community (liking Carrie, Lucinda, and girls)! Sorry they were rude during Tim’s set. Where did you find that pic of Carrie. Must be old? She looked alot hotter when I saw her. Sorry, enough about the looks. What keeps me comin’ back to Mrs. Rodriguez is her music – her songs. Glad you have become a witness too!

  2. ckmarler says:

    I pulled it off her myspace page. She is adorable. I ended up meeting her and hanging out for a little bit and she’s as sweet as she seems. She even wrote a funny note to my boyfriend since he’s so enamored with her! And as soon as all the women paid attention to Tim, they were hooked too. You know how he is!

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