What’s up Mister Feed Reader? This shout out is for you. I know you do all the work anyway, so this post is for you. And I promise, I will learn more about you, like where you went to high school, and maybe what sort of previous versions existed before now, because you, Mr. Feed Reader, take the time to check my blog and see what I’ve been up to, and I, for one, appreciate it. 🙂

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  1. You know, you can actually backdate posts off the first page, so people who just come to the sight won’t notice them. But if you use a feed reader, it’ll just pop up as a new post. So you actually can talk straight to feed readers.

    Just a little trivia for your Friday morning.

    (and see how much quicker I can read your posts since I have a reader?)

  2. ckmarler says:

    Neat! Look, ma, I’m LEARNING!

  3. AT says:

    You need to learn that feedreaders are an abomination, and are ruining the intarnet. A blog, like a music album, is not just content, but presentation.
    Jon never learned that, because he’s just an accountant, but I have more hope for you.

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