Workman granted “last wish”


Phillip Workman was executed early yesterday morning amidst a swarm of controversy.  I am saddened because I don’t support the death penalty for exactly the reasons of the controversy.  Five jurors had signed affidavits stating that had they been presented the evidence that was available at the time of the execution, none of them would have voted for the death sentence.  I won’t touch on that again, as I did previously, but I did want to mention Workman’s final meal.

Now you may want to say it was an act by a desperate man about to die.  I will not argue that point.  But Phillip Workman asked that his last meal be a pizza given to any homeless person near the prison in Nashville.  Prison officials declined his request because “they don’t give donations to charity”.  So a charity stepped in and make the request possible.  Not just possible, they bought 150 pizzas and fed hundreds of people.  It allows me to rest a bit easier for some reason.  You can read about it here.

I’m sorry an officer was killed many years ago in a robbery attempt. I’m sorry he was taken from his family.   I can’t imagine that pain.  But I am equally sorry that the state, MY state, was so vengeful that nothing, not even perjured witnesses, incompetent defense, and ballistics impossibilities, could keep them from killing someone else.

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